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Our mission is to create a unique yoga environment where everybody and every body can feel welcome and comfortable. Our yoga will be seasoned with laughter, warmth, and possibilities for all of life's stages.

You don't have to sign up before hand! Just come in and ENJOY any classes you wish! 

News & Updates



Parent & Child Yoga Class

Come and check out our last offering this Friday at 1:30PM for $5. 

Then, keep your eyes open for monthly workshops of this fun class to be held on Sundays!!  A great way to spend some quality time with your little one! (Parents & grandparents welcome.  Children ages 2-8 years FREE with accompanying adult!)

Welcome Back
Welcome Back, Lauren Tice!!  Lauren has returned to her spot on Saturdays at 9AM for Gentle Yoga.  Thank you, Shana, for covering during Lauren's absence!!



Kim's Rest & Restore Class

Kim is adding aromatherapy to her Restorative yoga classes!! 

Starting this Friday, 10/20 from 6-7PM, and continuing during her Restorative Yoga classes.  Same price!!


$20 Body Sculpt Drop-Ins 

A permanent addition to our schedule to give anyone who would like to give this modality a try before signing up for the series.  Joanne Lentoski will be the instructor for this weekly Drop-In, which is offered on Thursday's from 2-3PM!  Please reserve your spot no later than Wednesdays at

$10 Tai Chi Class 

Mondays & Thursdays at 8AM!  This special is good through the end of the year!!  Give it a try to see if this "Meditation in Motion" class is a fit for you!

$10 Cardio Pilates Class 

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11AM!! This special is good through end of year!!  Give this class a try, and see the changes in your body happen swiftly!!


Stress Buster Drum Circle 10/18, 7:30-9PM ($10). Drop In fee
Facilitated by Moe Jerant.  Focused breathing, guided imagery, meditative drumming.

Inner World Alchemy 10/21, 2-4PM ($20).  Sign up on our site.  Facilitated by Rachel Harmony.  Still time to discover your true authentic self through meditation, movement, contemplation and a bit of philosophy.

Connect With Your Spirit Guide 10/28, 1-3:30PM ($40).  Sign up on our website while there is still room!  Award winning author and renowned psychic, Bill Stillman facilitates. 

Women's Drum Gathering 10/29, 12:30-3:30PM ($25). Sign up on our website.  Facilitated by Moe Jerant.  You need this day for yourself! Includes snacks. 

Posture Perfect  11/5, 1-3PM, ($25). Sign up on our website.  Faciliated by Sheethal Contractor. Sheetal is a licensed massage therapist, certfied yoga instructor,wellness coach, author of the book Anyone Can Do YOGA! (... So What’s Stopping You?) and creator of the DVD Series called Yoga Essentials. Her yoga background includes training & experience from a variety of styles and teachers over the past 20+ years.  Reduce neck, back & joint pain through analyzing your posture and learn yoga techniques to apply to your day to day. 

Workshops - click on the tab to the left and register/prepay on line.


Teacher Substitutions

10/16, 9:30AM, Linda's Moderate subbed by Erica

10/16, 5:30PM, Teri's Gentle Class is being subbed by Carol


Thank you and hope to see you all soon!!


Need some personal attention?

$75 per session

If you carry some significant issues in your body and want the benefit of yoga therapy we recommend Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions with Claudia Simpson, E-RYT 500 to enjoy a new level of wellness. Claudia brings over 25 years of experience working with individuals and groups in Baltimore hospitals, and now the Lehigh Valley. Call Claudia at 410-925-5689 for more information or to schedule an apppointment.

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