JoAnne Lentoski

After graduating from West Chester University, JoAnne started her professional career in management at FedEx Ground. When her oldest child was born, she realized that the life-consuming long hours and unhealthy lifestyle needed to change. She’d always been active (playing soccer into college and was always on the move) so she joined a gym. After years of trying out different classes and honing her skills on all things fitness-related, she made the leap and got certified to teach. She currently holds certifications in Group Fitness and Indoor Cycling through American Aerobics Association International.

Her fitness philosophy is simple- don’t be intimidated! Strength training is for anyone and everyone- it’s fitness meant to improve your life! The primary goal in every class is to provide EVERY person with a great Body Sculpting workout that will challenge them equally. Each week she works to strengthen every muscle group, as well as working on agility and mobility.

One of JoAnne’s greatest teaching strengths is her ability to modify exercises on-the-fly by providing alternate options for those with limitations (sometimes quite creatively!). She keeps the classes fun by providing up-beat music and conversation. Time flies when you’re having fun!

In her free time, JoAnne can be found on the soccer field with her husband and 3 children (she’s recently coached her first undefeated season!), running races or on the many rail trails in the valley, gardening, and playing with their dog Ember (a 70 lb. retriever with boundless energy)