Sharon Schnyder

“I am inspired everyday by my students’ dedication and efforts to this beautiful and powerful discipline.”

Sharon Schnyder began practicing yoga in 2000. She has been teaching yoga in the Lehigh Valley since 2003 when she received her first yoga teacher certification. Through her love of Ashtanga, she completed her 200-hour RYT training in 2009 at Lehigh Valley Yoga. Her other passions include super foods, herbs and nutrition for vibrant health. Sharon also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing, which has allowed for countless opportunities to promote wellness and to help others. Her classes are inspired by Core Strength Vinyasa Flow and she values finding balance in opposition, allowing work and play to coexist in the practice and encouraging students to be both humbled and empowered whenever they are on the mat. One of the kindest and most valuable comments Sharon has received from a student was, “You have a unique and special way about you that makes everyone feel comfortable and allows us to take risks.”